Business Overview

Industry Competencies

Aquitane’s major areas of competence cover the following industry segments:

Downstream Segment: The Company is principally involved in the marketing, storage and distribution of petroleum products into Nigeria with plans for expansion into the West African sub-region. The company by itself and through an efficient network of industry correspondents caters to the supply deficit prevalent in these markets and further provides innovative business solutions for value added services requirement associated thereto.

The company primarily trades in petroleum products like A.G.O, P.M.S & DPK and intends to increase its product line to include other products in the near future.

Midstream Segment: The company owns and operates storage depots around Nigeria and is gradually expanding its capacity to better serve the market. Aquitane intends to eventually construct refineris in Nigeria to meet the rising marketplace demand.

Upstream Segment: Aquitane has a long term strategy built on the acquisition of productive Oil and Gas assets in the Gulf of Guinea region of West Africa with which it hopes to satisfy the feedstock requirements of its proposed refinery facility and to generate revenue for its other downstream investment initiatives.

The company is in the process of acquiring interests in the Gulf of Guinea region.

Our nimble nature and positioning in the market guarantees us the ability to react expeditiously to emerging opportunities presented by a very dynamic energy sector. Our business model is one that assures sustainability and growth and proposes to deliver value to our proposed clientele in all areas of our operation.



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