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Our Business Focus

Our primary focus area is the distribution, marketing and storage of petroleum products and in other value added support services critical to this sector. The company also boasts of competency in the upstream segment that secures to it a competitive advantage over other players in the industry as it is able to draw on the benefits of seamless business integration.

Through the deployment of innovative solutions and an efficient business model, the company hopes to lead the industry in all quantifiable metrics in the very near future.
We are a downstream operational Oil & Gas Company whose main activity is the import of petroleum products and a leading supplier of petroleum products in Nigeria. Since beginning operations in 2005, Aquitane Oil & Gas has been responsible for the importation of over 900,000 metric tones of refined petroleum products.
At Aquitane we procure a broad range of refined petroleum products and crude oil throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and America. The products include Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS).
In line with our vision we are the leading indigenous leading physical trader of petroleum products in Nigeria. We trade large volume cargoes to major Oil marketers in the country as well as independent marketers.
The company's trading activities in this period of extremely volatile oil prices has made it necessary to develop a derivative position that provides services to customers who require pricing stability.
Aquitane is a recognised leader in Oil trading, actively making market in the financial and physical products, with contracts ranging from spot to term.
As owners of one of the largest tank farms in Nigeria, situated in Ibafon, Apapa. We offer storage facilities for companies who do not have tank farms to store their products or do not have sufficient storage facilities for their products.
This way we have been able to ensure that availability of oil products is maintained in the cycle of production.



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