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Kwame Nkrumah Ugoji

Kwame holds more than 15 years of business and technology experience including strategy formulation and implementation across several industry segments specifically energy, financial services and information technology. His unending passion is working with client to meet the challenge of sustaining superior levels of value creation through product and process innovation.

Kwame has two degrees in Psychology and Law respectively from the University of Lagos. He is a practicing solicitor and advocate and has experience in corporate legal matters. He has worked in a number of organisations and firms such as Equitorial Trust Bank ltd, SPDC, B. O. Benson (SAN) Law offices and most recently he is the Managing Partner of Logistix Solicitors. He is currently the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser of Triana Ltd, Silver Fleece Investments and Trust Ltd and Triaqui Ltd, a sister company of Aquitane Oil & Gas.

Kwame welds and implements business and legal strategy across several industry disciplines. He has backgrounds in corporate legal matters, solicitors' work and advocacy. He is a Lawyer and Psychologist.



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Kwame Nkrumah Ugoji
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