Business Overview

Aquitane Oil and Gas Limited was incorporated in April 2005 as a direct response to the emerging trends in the dynamic Oil and Gas industry of the West African sub region. Though a relatively new operating entity, the company is itself an amalgamation of individuals with industry competencies that cut across the various segments of the energy sector.

Specifically, the company's members and partners bring with them an impressive repertoire of hands-on experience derived from many years of operations in the various segments of the industry in which they have been engaged.

As a result, the company has in a very short period, positioned itself as an emerging player of repute. In that period the company has been able to enter into major products trading transactions with market leaders like Addax, WABECO, Global Fleet, Sahara Energy and Zenon, quickly surpassing all industry benchmarks over a 12 month period. Significantly, the company also enjoys a major trading relationship with the Petroleum Products and Marketing Company (PPMC), specifically with its Warri and Port Harcourt refinery arms according it the benefits of quick time to market and efficient transaction turnovers.



Aquitane Oil and Gas.
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