Business Overview

The Vision of Aquitane Oil & gas is to become the provider of choice energy and energy related services within the African market and further to become an integral part of the value chain that drives the Global energy market.

Our Mission is to deliver high quality affordable energy to the doorstep of every home and business in Africa on a timely and consistent basis, thereby improving the lives of the Continents inhabitants.
Indigenous: We are proudly African, for Africa, by an African. We are constantly being challenged to set new standards that will set the pace in the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria, West Africa and the Sub-Saharan region.
This is our standard at Aquitane and can never be compromised, mediocrity is not an option in our work ethics. Service delivery for us is always at the highest level. An unmatched quality service is consistent with our brand at every point of contract with our customers.
We hold our self accountable to deliver the best of services to our customers and thus at every point of service wherever, whenever and however we ensure constant monitoring of all chains of service delivery right to th epoint of the last chain which is the consumer.
The passion for excellence is rooted in our drive to constantly be on top of our game in a highly competitive market. This drive is what builds confidence in our customers who know without a doubt that they are top on our priority list and will continually strive to satisfy them and a drive taht is yet to be rivalled in the industry.
We are constantly evolving in our approach to bussiness, to the point of breaking the conventional just to ensure excellent customer service delivery at every point in time.



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